Sustainability: To achieve sustainable operations, we work to find means in which we can satisfy our needs without compromising future generations’ ability to meet theirs.

Rancho Margot welcomes the opportunity to share its best sustainable practices with other businesses in the UNESCO Biosphere of Water and Peace, the country and throughout the world.

Promoting sustainable practices is important throughout Costa Rica.  Rancho Margot is located in an environmentally sensitive region known as the Biosphere of Water and Peace, an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Conservation and sustainable use and respect for natural resources is critically important in this area on both a national and international scale. Beyond offering visitors and residents a peaceful setting within which they can commune with nature, Rancho Margot, with its focus on experiential education, is a seedbed of innovation and a model of sustainable business operation and living.

Our Mission is not only to strive to become a model of sustainable living and sustainable tourism, but to also show each visitor what is possible and to teach by demonstrating steps they can take to live in harmony with the natural environment and ecosystem of their own communities.

Certification in Sustainable Tourism (CST)

The CST is a program developed by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (ICT), an autonomous institution of the government of Costa Rica, whose principal objective is to actualize sustainable tourism.

The CST categorizes and certifies tourist companies according to the level that their operations achieve the model of sustainability, based on the grade of impact on the environment and on the community where it is located.

It focuses on four components:

  • Biological-Physical
  • Services and Infrastructure
  • External Client
  • Social-Economic Environment

Participation by the tourism industry in these categories is designed to incorporate the use of biodegradable products, advance policies of electricity and water conservation, encourage knowledge of and interaction with the local culture, protect private and state-owned natural areas, among other positive results.


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